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Semantics is such a sexy word, don't you think?

- - -

Mara's shares of origami blog has inspired me to try writing again. I mean, it's nothing major, just short phrases strung together to make my thoughts more concrete, more tangible. So I created a separate blog for my exercise:

Exorcising My Demons

- - -

I wish I can be a good writer like some of the people on my flist, in dongbang`s fanfic fandom. *sigh* They make it seem so easy. I know it isn`t, but I love how they make it seem so....effortless.

- - -

Im in a funk. Since May, I have never been lazy going to the gym. Kahapon at ngayon lang. Im going through a phase again. Like I want to jump off a bridge and never resurface kind of funk.

- - -

Powerhug juseyo!!
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