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I am a fangirl.

OMG I had so much fun today! From a quickie lunch with bestie to coffee/convo/tattoo-watching with ex-Mrs. Kim-Lee to screaming my head off watching Pop Icons with Nog and Rach! Mannnn!!! I am officially Christian Bautista's Girl friend ahahaha!!! Yes, kami na!! Hahaha!

Xtine ♥ Xtian

Hanggg cuteeee!!

I enjoyed the concert. The production was done fairly well, from the choice of songs, the talking bits, the segments. Waahahah....Xtian dancing is just so much fun. Ang tigas ng katawan mo, babe.

Whaahaha...ohnoes, looks like I have a new fandom hahahah!!

This is why I've been avoiding watching Xtian in concert.

Hephephep....wait! Papa Piolo.....thank you for singing "kailangan kita"!!! Waahahhaha....ang ganda ganda nung song na yun! Gomawo!!! Pero Ive decided na kami na ni Xtian, sorry had to decline you haahaha!


- - -

Hellooooo Pinoy Showbiz, welcome this fangirl! Wait....let me rephrase that....Hellooooo KAPAMILYA Showbiz...^^

- - -

Xtian ♥ Xtine  
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